Infringirino: The Creative Lounge  A lounge for creative people of all types ( Developers, artists, musicians ) to create and share!


Hey welcome to the official Infringirino website, we will be using this page to host various projects and other such things plus you will also see updates on our new blog section below and also our twitter accounts @infringirino and egpbot although their activity can be pretty on and off at times- If you're interested in joining our group you can click the links above in the navbar as anyone's welcome to join our group and help out!

Brand new website + Temp new server!

When we first started this site we were using Wordpress but our WP install broke and I took this is a chance to build our own site (I was only using wordpress for it's easy to make blog posts ) this site shares code with the EGP site too hopefully keep consistent design between our pages- the only exception being ManChan which has got it's own seperate UI.

Right now this site and EGPBot are being hosted on my temp server but soon our pages will be moved to a reliable server with better storage- hopefully the addition of a new server means we can work on some even bigger projects that my previous servers couldn't handle- also I had to downgrade the PHP version from Php7.4 to Php7.3 due to it causing errors with ManChan and bugs with wordpress (well wordpress isn't an issue for us anymore) and also all issues to do with the EGP database have been solved and EGP is back up and running. ANOTHER THING we got approved for Google Adsense which means we hopefully can fund upgrades and shit for other projects we may have planned in the future so disabling your adblocker on this site would be nice!

Join our Discord/Telegram group!

We are always looking for new members to our groups that have all kinds of skills, currently we are working on a few projects and naturally we need people to help so if you have any ideas or whatever or know someone you'd think would be good for our group just use the links in the navbar above- Our Telegram is more active than our Discord although our Discord has a cool music bot so you should check that out!

Also if you like memes you should join the Club House (Link) ran by Ivan it's not as active as our other group but it is what is and it keeps all the unfunny memes out of our hovercraft game discussions lmao anyways join our groups. no questions asked!