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Welcome to the ManChan

Just remember there's still sanity in insanity, that doesn't excuse the fact that you're fucking mental lmao

ManChan is where the ManGamer go to post.

ManChan is where your creative dreams go to die." ~"I'm ManGamer"~

DRAWPILE NOW ADDED TO INFRINGIRINO — by ManGamer at08/22/20 (Sat) 23:38:18

Drawpile art now a part of the Infringirino network.
"Stay a While, Draw a pile."

Download Drawpile here

DrawPile Server

Official Community Listing

IP's Now Work Properly — by ManGamer at07/15/20 (Wed) 07:31:18

Formerly all IP's were ::1 due to a bug.
Now IP's work. Meaning Bans, Post ID's, And Flags on boards that will have them shall work properly.

Now if I could just get style.css to work properly…We would be golden

RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE — by ManGamer at07/13/20 (Mon) 06:45:39

The website has had it's corpse dug up. It's live. It's open. IT EXISTS

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